Cambodia works…on film

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Photo by Andrew at CubaGallery

Very recently, two great videos were released profiling the work of two amazing NGOs in Cambodia. If you’re looking to learn about some of the development activities going on in this beloved country of mine, look no further!

The first comes from an organisation whose work I should mention more.  SISHA, South East Asia Investigations into Social and Humanitarian Activities is one of the stars of the anti-trafficking effort in Cambodia.  Migration in the Southeast Asia region is most definitely part of everyday life.  However – research shows that Cambodians are of the most at risk of exploitation, violence and ill health.  Migration is an accepted mechanism to cope with poverty in Cambodia and it is impossible to stop migration – especially the undocumented movement of people.  So the most important part – is to make migration safer.  In addition to aftercare, investigation and awareness raising, SISHA also trains Cambodia’s police forces to investigate and prosecute cases of exploitation and trafficking.  The work that SISHA does, the heinous cases they uncover and help bring to trial are seriously amazing and to be praised.  My friend Erin, Country Director of SISHA Cambodia, recently shared this video on SISHA’s criminal investigation training with me that our super-talented friend, Kent made!  Check it out and find out ways you can help SISHA’s efforts here!


And this one comes from the Vanguard series on Current TV, profiling the work done by Friends International to combat meth addiction among street kids in Cambodia.  Meth addicition, also called yaba or yama on the street, has been increasingly pervasive in Phnom Penh and Cambodia – not just as a casual stimulant on the streets, but also as a tool driving exploitation by labour traffickers.  This short doco interviews David Harding – the leading authority, here in Phnom Penh, on issues of youth and drug abuse, while also profiling the work of Friends International’s local partner organisation, The Green House – one of the first and most comprehensive drug-addiction treatment centres in Cambodia.


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