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out with the old and in with the new!

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Photo Credit: Louise

Hi Folks!

You’ll have noticed that I haven’t exactly been posting here in the past couple of years.  I had to take a break from blogging to concentrate on (paid) work for a while.  But in the meantime, I made a new amazing friend and we decided to start a blog of our own!

My new home is Cait+Tiff.  Here you’ll meet my partner in crime, get a lot of the same content I focused on this blog, and a heck more travel in the region too!

Thank you  everyone for all the support over the past few years!  Also to everyone who has gone to Monika since I first posted about her in 2012…she sends her thanks too!



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time for a reboot…

Image by Laws of a Modern Man

Oooof! I can’t believe this year has gone by so quickly.  When I started this blog in the summer of 2011, it was a way to stay close with friends and to help catalog the trends and pretty things catching my eyes, ears and tastebuds.  I never thought it would get so many readers from so many different countries.  It’s amazing seeing friends from home, London and far flung locales like Benin and Indonesia come visit infinitiff.  Thank you oh so much for coming to visit!

And after a summer of not blogging, and spending far too much time thinking (read: freaking out) about the future, the life, the career, and occasionally taxes, I decided that this blog needed a reboot, stat.  So now it’s time for catch-up on all the summer posts I missed.  I promise for some awesomeness to come.

I’m also excited for new perspective on life (see above).  While I’m not necessarily ready to damn the man, I am ready to start relaxing about it all out and throwing out all those baby-boomer-era related expectations about what kind of assets I was supposed to have by the age of 28.  Instead, I’m excited for potentially new lands, new experiences and just a whole lotta fun.

28th Year: bring it on.

PS: I’m also highly appreciative of the profound understanding of my situation from FUCK! I’m In My Twenties and SRSLY.

PPS: For those of you on a slower bandwidth (read: me) – check out the SRSLY Youtube Channel.

PPPS: A related reboot mixtape up soon too.

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yet again, aaron sorkin wins over my heart and brain…

Photo by Annie Liebovitz for Vanity Fair.

One of the most attractive qualities of an Aaron Sorkin television drama, beyond its superfast script and quick-engaging storyline, is how it describes the dynamics of a team, how they are lead, working towards achieving a singular goal.  He creates these microcosms about singular workplaces that make you want to be part of the team. Whether or not it is the delivery of sports news, the Presidency of the United States of America, the production of a live televised sketch comedy show or, in this case, the newsroom of a cable news network, Sorkin has always left me, and perhaps much of his audience, that the good and the passionate win out.  Change that you can believe in, one can say?

And so, having just nearly finished one of the toughest consultancies in my ridiculously nascent career (like just literally out of the birth canal), I found myself eagerly awaiting the premiere of Aaron Sorkin’s new television drama, The Newsroom.  This new 1-hour HBO drama series focuses on the behind-the-scenes action of a cable newsroom, and the re-awakening of its star anchor, following his very public breakdown.  There is emotional baggage, intense political debate and philosophizing about the state of the American newsmedia. But more importantly, there is Sorkin’s trademark whip-smart dialogue; moving at the speed of a gazelle.  Watching the back-and-forth between journalistic and emotionally entrenched leads is just exhilarating.  The pace of a Sorkin television drama never slows down.  And there is a stellar cast, from old faves like Law & Order’s Sam Waterston, to young new things like Allison Pill and Dev Patel, with equally powerful Jeff Daniels and Emily Mortimer as the show’s leads.

For me, an Aaron Sorkin drama, like The Newsroom, always leaves me thinking about how beautiful and theatrical work can be, whatever it is; despite its daily misgivings, hair-pulling meetings and thoughts about sending in that letter of resignation.  And reflecting on the various mistakes made, hurdles jumped and clashes of spirits made over this past quarter – I can definitely say that each one of us probably works in an environment that Aaron Sorkin could one day write about, and turn it into an engaging piece of television.  This show had me at hello.  Check out the trailer for The Newsroom, below!

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tell time…with a little understated bling

Photo by David Kim for Wendy’s Lookbook. Watch by Michael Kors.

Time goes by fast, eh?  I keep track of 3-4 different times zones most days and it’s just a little ridiculous.  I mostly use my mobile phone, but sometimes – it would be really nice to have a watch to help me out.

And I’ve been looking…I have definitely been looking.  And then these brilliant timepieces caught my eye.  I love how minimal they are – perfect and simple – especially because I’m not a diamond-adorned Rolex kinda girl.


Yup. Gold. I really have never been about the bling, but these just catch my eye.  They go with so many city-wise outfits!  And they’re oh so sophisticated – I can’t help feel like the grown-up that I’m supposed to be.  Perfect with a blazer! But at the same time, I can see myself pairing them with some loose-v-neck Ts, a denim mini and pair of flip-flops (or thongs for you Aussies).

So I thought I’d share some faves that I’ve spotted recently.  And if you aren’t so big on the bling, then why not these gold-flecked chronometers for your wrist? Happy time-telling!

Left, Top and Bottom

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great things are just around the corner!

I promise! I swear!

I’m 99% done this ridiculous project now (more about that later), and I’m oh so excited to be able to wholeheartedly start blogging again!  Like I mentioned before, this project swallowed me whole – mind, body, heart and soul.  But ever since I sent off that first draft this morning, among other things, I’ve felt as if that big huge white elephant decided to step off my back. And in the spirit of the lightness of being, I thought I’d share with you some of the amazing things to come!

  • Summer Music…3 ways
  • Paradise in Cambodia…2 ways
  • More Lunches in the Penh!
  • Tattoos!
  • More Summer Styles! Especially for the beach!
  • Visiting the Penh? Get the best of it!
  • Some more wanderlusting and perhaps even some wandering

Stay tuned! Like I said, great things are just around the corner and I just can’t wait!

Original Photo – Austria, 1959 by Hans Truöl via Charlie Hilton.


coming clean…

Hey hey friends, I’m sorry to have disappeared for about a month.  But I suppose that it’s now time to come clean.  Especially in this age of blogger authenticity, when fellow writers are also raising the blinders and revealing that what goes on behind the scenes is some pretty challenging stuff.

(Check out these great posts at Cup of Jo, Sho&Tell, DesignLoveFest, Happiness Is… and VMac&Cheese for some great posts revealing authenticity)

In the past month, I have contemplated the following: revisiting my cello and joining a hipster baroque orchestra, going blogger as a full time profession, applying for enrollment at the California College of the Arts and running off to Brooklyn to live out the rest of my 20s because apparently being adrift is part of being alive.  Seriously.  And this is why:

Life abroad and working in a developing country, may seem romantic, absolutely fulfilling, exhilarating on a minute-by-minute, day-by-day basis and really contributing to something good that you can brag about to your pals back at home…but different folks have different strokes.  Instead, it can be filled with daily misgivings about the workplace, existential reflections, frustrations with corruption, seeing reports of gender violence and exploitation on a daily basis, regular and frequent brushes with death and activities that really hurt your liver, your lungs and probably your head the next day.  In addition to that, health system strengthening is a pretty competitive industry that’s been made even worse by the current economic recession, so income insecurity becomes the name of the game.  It felt hard to stay afloat.

I know I might sound a bit melodramatic, but the past month really got to my mind, body, heart and soul.  And of course, the monsoon season lead to some major pathetic fallacy.  I lost a lot of the inspiration and creative energy that drove me to create this blog in the first place. Hence…the lack of posts.

But I’m happy to announce that infinitiff is back in the fold.  I learned a lot from the professional mistakes I made in this project that I’m currently finishing for work.  I learned about the personal mistakes I was making in my life.  I learned about both about my own limits and what I deserved and should demand for.  Realised that some changes needed to be made. Let go of all those limitations I set on myself that were ultimately holding me back. Essentially – I’m learning to look forward instead of getting mired in the gunk.

So with a very simultaneous anxiety and excitement, I’m happy to announce that the music, the styles, the deliciousness and hopefully a lot more globetrotting will now be rolling forward on a regular basis again!  And thanks for all you readers out there for your support too!  xoxoxo, t

(Photo by Feaverish Photography via Etsy)


focus music.

Photo by Audrey Kawasaki.

Oh geez.  It’s a remarkably busy week.  There’s so much I want to post about, but with overdue deadlines, feeling overwhelmed and all that fun, I thought I’d post one of my favourite albums.  (Chilly) Gonzales’ Solo Piano is so simple and perfect.  My kid sis first introduced it to me back in university (and because she’s so freakin’ hip, she knew about this during her high school years). It gets me to focus almost immediately.  The melodies are also so full of dreams and inspiration; so it’s all about forward movement.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier.  Plus – it is said that classical music improves focus and concentration.  I know there’s an academic article to back that up somewhere.

So if you’re having one of those weeks…definitely check this one out! xoxox, t

(Chilly) Gonzales – Solo Piano