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out with the old and in with the new!

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Photo Credit: Louise

Hi Folks!

You’ll have noticed that I haven’t exactly been posting here in the past couple of years.  I had to take a break from blogging to concentrate on (paid) work for a while.  But in the meantime, I made a new amazing friend and we decided to start a blog of our own!

My new home is Cait+Tiff.  Here you’ll meet my partner in crime, get a lot of the same content I focused on this blog, and a heck more travel in the region too!

Thank you  everyone for all the support over the past few years!  Also to everyone who has gone to Monika since I first posted about her in 2012…she sends her thanks too!




a couple of things…

the big sleep is over

So the blogging bug came back after a winter of discontent*.  The creative gears are twitching again.  Mixtapes to make, photos to shoot on the new cammy cam, lots of recipes to share, a new job to finance some new outfits and a lotta fresh vibes coming from hot and sunny Cambodia.  This time, a little more sporadically, a little less regular and a whole lotta love. xoxo, t

And to kick it off again…

I love this mix right now.  I can’t work without it.  Love the golden era beats and guitar licks, the francophone inflections, and Cambo retro pop starlet Ros Sereysothea pops up too!  Listen, rinse, repeat. And very safe for the workplace.

And I can’t wait to see this.  Hello Ryan Gosling, Bangkok underworld, Kristen Scott Thomas (as Ryan Gosling’s mom?!?!), and a wicked scary title.  If you enjoyed Drive…this one’s takes it to the next level.

PS – I know you’re wondering about that song in the trailer. Eerie when it’s set against that trailer, eh?  Listen to it in its entirety here where it sounds a hella more Thai poppy.

* Discontent is totally the wrong word to use.  Probably a winter of being all over the place is the better word.  I was literally….all over the place.

Photo: Source unknown, via sorakeem


the skinny of it all…

From upper right, clockwise: Loren Stewart Triangle Necklance, Dear Rae Silver Rings, Loren Stewart 4 Diamond Skinni Rings, Odette Spear Ring, Minoux Big Bee Home Necklace, and Stone & Honey Porta Ring

I’m not talking about body images, nor jeans.  It’s all about the elusive finger or neck candy.  I’m really not one to accessorize.  Yes, I have a few pieces here and there (literally – they are all spread out through Deutschland, Canada and Cambodia), but nothing that really floats my boat here and now; especially while I’m surrounded the glam-ed up opulence that’s so characteristic of Khmer styles.

But lately I’ve been inspired by the skinny, or the minimalist take on jewelry one can say.  Namely these thin bands I spotted on Fashiontoast/Rumi Neely earlier this year.  If there is an accoutrement for this anti-accessorizer…then it’s definitely the minimalist’s take on metal and jewelcraft.

And so, I discovered super fab Cali-based jeweler, Loren Stewart (check out her ode to thin bands below!)…and inevitably the big wheels started turning.  I cannot wait to go visit the most amazing jeweler (for those of us on a budget), Channa, in Russian Market.  I know she’ll help me design something fab…and of course, minimalist.

Details soon.

LOREN STEWART – SQUARE from Sammy Loren on Vimeo.

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time for a reboot…

Image by Laws of a Modern Man

Oooof! I can’t believe this year has gone by so quickly.  When I started this blog in the summer of 2011, it was a way to stay close with friends and to help catalog the trends and pretty things catching my eyes, ears and tastebuds.  I never thought it would get so many readers from so many different countries.  It’s amazing seeing friends from home, London and far flung locales like Benin and Indonesia come visit infinitiff.  Thank you oh so much for coming to visit!

And after a summer of not blogging, and spending far too much time thinking (read: freaking out) about the future, the life, the career, and occasionally taxes, I decided that this blog needed a reboot, stat.  So now it’s time for catch-up on all the summer posts I missed.  I promise for some awesomeness to come.

I’m also excited for new perspective on life (see above).  While I’m not necessarily ready to damn the man, I am ready to start relaxing about it all out and throwing out all those baby-boomer-era related expectations about what kind of assets I was supposed to have by the age of 28.  Instead, I’m excited for potentially new lands, new experiences and just a whole lotta fun.

28th Year: bring it on.

PS: I’m also highly appreciative of the profound understanding of my situation from FUCK! I’m In My Twenties and SRSLY.

PPS: For those of you on a slower bandwidth (read: me) – check out the SRSLY Youtube Channel.

PPPS: A related reboot mixtape up soon too.


oh my, oh my…and that’s a catchy tune

Now here’s a catchy song, and a pretty hot video.  I can’t believe this came out in 2011 and didn’t make a blip on my radar.  Thank you Jay-Z for the recommendation…as always, you know a good beat.

You might also notice that the video features quite a bit of facial hair.

And in other news, I’m bringing the blog back.  There’s a bit of a new look too.  I never went away – I just took a short break.  Pattern mixing, wanderlust, yumminess and some more delectable tunes to come.  I promise.

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lunch in the penh…green & vietnamese, part 1

At least once a week, you can find me grabbing the sweet, sour and fresh tastes of neighbouring Vietnam.  Though the complicated geopolitical relationships and war-time history between the two countries sometimes pop-up in debate, Vietnamese food remains plentiful and delicious throughout Phnom Penh (and I’ll be providing a few more stories on the nexus of religion/politics, ethics and food later on in my Lunch in the Penh series).

But getting back to the delectable.  Vietnamese food is a favourite of mine because of it’s ability to combine the sweet and the savoury, and all of those fresh green herbs that usually come with most dishes.  And one of the best locales for m’hope Vietnam (that’s Vietnamese food in Khmer for all y’all) is Magnolia (House 55, Street 51, at the corner of street 242).  Not only is the food delicious and remarkably affordable, but it’s a great place to catch up with friends in a luscious green setting, al fresco or air-conditioned and inside if the heat is too stifling or the rains are raging during the lunch hour.

It is very likely that my favourite Vietnamese dishes of all time is bún thịt nướng chả giò, or Fried Pork with Rice Vermicelli and Spring Rolls.  I first fell in love with it while living in Chinatown during university, when my buddy Nid and I would go for bowls of it at the Pho Hung across the street from our apartment.  I’ve also now had the authentic dishes in Hanoi and Saigon and I can testify that Magnolia’s version is pretty damn good.  It’s a great lunchtime meal, with cold rice vermicelli noodles, grilled pork that is sweet, smokey and hot off the barbecue, a pile of those delicious Vietnamese herbs whose names I cannot tell you, and those rich fried spring rolls stuffed with more pork and taro.  It’s all finished with a splash of the sweet and sour fish sauce mixture that comes with pickled carrots and daikon; and my personal addition is also a big dab of oyster sauce too.  Ridiculously delicious.  And all that for a steal at $3.50!

And another big reason my friends and I head to Magnolia is for the Banh Xeo.  This dish is popular in the regions bordering Cambodia and Vietnam and is a savory paper thin crepe made with rice flour and the yellow colour comes from tumeric.  It’s then stuffed with any number of ingredients of your liking; most often pork, shrimp or chicken, and fried to a lovely golden colour.

But the common question about this dish concerns how exactly one eats it?  It can indeed be a tad overwhelming when one is presented with a big massive stuffed pancake; served with an even bigger plate of fresh greens; and that lovely sweet and sour fish sauce mixture with picked carrots and daikon.  How do you deal?  Well, I was lucky enough to have gotten instructions from a co-worker from the border-region which banh xeo hails.  It’s pretty simple – you use your hands.  First, grab a big piece of lettuce from your pile of greens.  Then using that piece of lettuce, grab a chunk of the stuffed pancake and add some of the fresh green herbs in there too.  Finally dip into the fish sauce and voila….you have pure yummy. And all for $3-4 you say?

I can guarantee that you won’t leave a scrap on your plates with these 2 lunchtime faves.  Check it out if you find yourself in the BKK1/Wat Langka neighbourhood.  Enjoy!All photos in this post, unless otherwise noted, by infinitiff.  Please do not reproduce or use without permission).