a couple of things…


the big sleep is over

So the blogging bug came back after a winter of discontent*.  The creative gears are twitching again.  Mixtapes to make, photos to shoot on the new cammy cam, lots of recipes to share, a new job to finance some new outfits and a lotta fresh vibes coming from hot and sunny Cambodia.  This time, a little more sporadically, a little less regular and a whole lotta love. xoxo, t

And to kick it off again…

I love this mix right now.  I can’t work without it.  Love the golden era beats and guitar licks, the francophone inflections, and Cambo retro pop starlet Ros Sereysothea pops up too!  Listen, rinse, repeat. And very safe for the workplace.

And I can’t wait to see this.  Hello Ryan Gosling, Bangkok underworld, Kristen Scott Thomas (as Ryan Gosling’s mom?!?!), and a wicked scary title.  If you enjoyed Drive…this one’s takes it to the next level.

PS – I know you’re wondering about that song in the trailer. Eerie when it’s set against that trailer, eh?  Listen to it in its entirety here where it sounds a hella more Thai poppy.

* Discontent is totally the wrong word to use.  Probably a winter of being all over the place is the better word.  I was literally….all over the place.

Photo: Source unknown, via sorakeem


2 thoughts on “a couple of things…

  1. Congrats again on the new gig! What kind of camera did you get? I’m thinking of upgrading Olympus O-MD (m43).

  2. Welcome back. I’m looking forward to more posts on PP. I left about a year ago and I miss it.

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