made my morning…


This song. The amazing paper cut stop motion animation. Pretty amazeballs, eh?

And I hope it makes your Tuesday morning too.

And this is how they made it…

Making of “Katachi” from K/A on Vimeo.



a couple of things…

the big sleep is over

So the blogging bug came back after a winter of discontent*.  The creative gears are twitching again.  Mixtapes to make, photos to shoot on the new cammy cam, lots of recipes to share, a new job to finance some new outfits and a lotta fresh vibes coming from hot and sunny Cambodia.  This time, a little more sporadically, a little less regular and a whole lotta love. xoxo, t

And to kick it off again…

I love this mix right now.  I can’t work without it.  Love the golden era beats and guitar licks, the francophone inflections, and Cambo retro pop starlet Ros Sereysothea pops up too!  Listen, rinse, repeat. And very safe for the workplace.

And I can’t wait to see this.  Hello Ryan Gosling, Bangkok underworld, Kristen Scott Thomas (as Ryan Gosling’s mom?!?!), and a wicked scary title.  If you enjoyed Drive…this one’s takes it to the next level.

PS – I know you’re wondering about that song in the trailer. Eerie when it’s set against that trailer, eh?  Listen to it in its entirety here where it sounds a hella more Thai poppy.

* Discontent is totally the wrong word to use.  Probably a winter of being all over the place is the better word.  I was literally….all over the place.

Photo: Source unknown, via sorakeem


oh my, oh my…and that’s a catchy tune

Now here’s a catchy song, and a pretty hot video.  I can’t believe this came out in 2011 and didn’t make a blip on my radar.  Thank you Jay-Z for the recommendation…as always, you know a good beat.

You might also notice that the video features quite a bit of facial hair.

And in other news, I’m bringing the blog back.  There’s a bit of a new look too.  I never went away – I just took a short break.  Pattern mixing, wanderlust, yumminess and some more delectable tunes to come.  I promise.

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fine tuning summer…part 2

Original Photo by Martha Holmes for Life Magazine, August 16, 1948.

Summer is getting real now.  The heat is rising (except for our friends in Australia, South Africa and some nights here in Phnom Penh) and it’s time for some more music to party through it all!

As part of my Summer Music Series, I thought I’d shoot one out with a weekend block party in mind!  And a little something for everyone too, I hope! Some fancy pantsy dancey tunes from Diplo and Icona Pop to start it out with, and and then some nice ones to wind down the hot night with, à la fresh off the presses Frank Ocean, The Dream and our friends at The Hood Internet.  This one’s perfect for a pre-party, the ride to shindig or anytime you might feel like getting your dance on.  I definitely couldn’t help but start partying while working on this mix in the AM.

Stream here (or below) and download here! And have a fabulous weekend!

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fine tuning summer…part 1

Original Photo by unknown, of former skater and current sports stylist Cindy Whitehead, via Tomboy Style.

The summer solstice just passed us and I just had to celebrate it.  With music of course!  Starting today and over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be rolling out 3 different mixtapes that might come in handy when planning summer soirées, all with a different beat in mind!  This week’s mix is for the indie-minded set.  That’s right – Best Coast, tanlines, Fortune and a bunch of new hipster bands who are just bubbling to the surface right now.  Great rhythms for a morning, afternoon or cocktails and sunsets on the Thames or Mekong.  For me? I’d love to have these tunes passing through my ears while I longboard down a perfectly smooth seaside road. Or on the road, heading down to the coast today with some crazy cool chicks to celebrate a certain amazing lady’s birthday!

Stream here (or below) and download here, and have a fabulous weekend! (I’m heading to the sea!!!)

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made my morning!

Good Morning Rooster print by twoems, via Etsy.

This morning, I woke up after a full and deep night of slumber, with a cool breeze flowing and sun beaming through the windows.  I couldn’t help but think, “Great start! Yes!”

Then it got better.  With a hearty brekkie of passion fruit yogurt, muesli, a banana and dragonfruit and my beloved coffee, I logged onto the interwebs to find Obama’s endorsement of same sex marriage just exploding at me off of my iGoogle news alerts.  Big huge win! And watch an excerpt from the ABC interview with Robin Roberts, below!


It doesn’t stop there though.  A groovy new perfect morning tune stumbled into my ears and an ol’ fave found its way back to me.  So of course – I had to share and hope you all have great mornings to start things off with!  (and inspired for a mixtape to come soon too!)

Blackbird Blackbird – Waikiki

Brenton Wood – Oogum Boogum

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let’s go pop!

Photos via Norah Jones and Rufus Wainwright.

Firstly…apologies for the post-drought lately.  I do indeed promise a whole bunch of original content soon!  I have no excuses, but visitors and a rampant work schedule do take up a huge whack of time.  But for this one moment of clarity, I just had to share these 2 new albums by crooners Rufus Wainwright and Norah Jones.  I must be honest though – I was attracted to these two new LPs not because of their artists…but because of their producers – Mark Ronson and Danger Mouse.  I think that these two guys are what make current pop music really innovative and explosive.  And yunno what? Sometimes, it’s not just about the voice, but about the construction of a song, it’s melodies, it’s instrumentals, beats and rhythms, and the perfect balance of it all that makes a great pop album.  And it requires a visionary to get it all right.

Rufus Wainwright, prince of a Canadian music dynasty, amazing voice, volcano of creativity…I fell in love with his April Fools when I was in highschool.  Then he went a bit high-concept during the last decade with a full fledged opera and dedications to Judy Garland.  But now he’s back with Out of the Game!  Produced by Mark Ronson to boot!  And what an perfect album for me on this Tuesday morning that’s full of work (and slight panic).  This album brings Rufus back to his pop-y roots and his amazing ability to combine the forlorn and the hopeful that I first fell for.  Definitely check it out and one of my favourite songs below!

Rufus Wainwright – Bitter Tears

Norah Jones in cohoots with Danger Mouse

Norah Jones…queen of adult contemporary right?  And likewise, a princess of music royalty too.  But to be honest, I kinda wrote her off because of the former.  But when I heard that she was collaborating with Danger Mouse, my ears honestly popped.  Her new album, Little Broken Hearts, has all the right pieces that attract the adult contemporary FM-listeners, but also those tight-ass hipsters who always demand a little bit more.  I’m a fan.  Great peaceful chillout tunes to accompany a twilight.

Norah Jones – Happy Pills