a fancypantsydancey mixtape!

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Okay – she’s not wearing pants, but that’s okay, she’s dancing!  Original Photo by Melania Brescia.

I know it’s not Friday yet, but there is never a correct time to have a solo silent disco – whether in your kitchen, office or library cubicle – I should know.  Though there is cause to put a little hop in my step these days – not only is my petanque team (Go RUSTY BALLS! – more on that later) playing in the finals tonight, but I’m also on my way out of this “in-between-things” mode I’ve been in the past 2 weeks.  Perhaps that’s what motivated this mix outta me.  Enjoy! And solo silent disco if you want to!  It’s a great feeling, nothing to be embarrassed about – I can testify to that 😉

And here’s a mixtape to go with it.  Go crazy with those hands and feet, or just tap your hands or bop your head – there are great beats here.

Stream below (or here) and download here!


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