the skinny of it all…


From upper right, clockwise: Loren Stewart Triangle Necklance, Dear Rae Silver Rings, Loren Stewart 4 Diamond Skinni Rings, Odette Spear Ring, Minoux Big Bee Home Necklace, and Stone & Honey Porta Ring

I’m not talking about body images, nor jeans.  It’s all about the elusive finger or neck candy.  I’m really not one to accessorize.  Yes, I have a few pieces here and there (literally – they are all spread out through Deutschland, Canada and Cambodia), but nothing that really floats my boat here and now; especially while I’m surrounded the glam-ed up opulence that’s so characteristic of Khmer styles.

But lately I’ve been inspired by the skinny, or the minimalist take on jewelry one can say.  Namely these thin bands I spotted on Fashiontoast/Rumi Neely earlier this year.  If there is an accoutrement for this anti-accessorizer…then it’s definitely the minimalist’s take on metal and jewelcraft.

And so, I discovered super fab Cali-based jeweler, Loren Stewart (check out her ode to thin bands below!)…and inevitably the big wheels started turning.  I cannot wait to go visit the most amazing jeweler (for those of us on a budget), Channa, in Russian Market.  I know she’ll help me design something fab…and of course, minimalist.

Details soon.

LOREN STEWART – SQUARE from Sammy Loren on Vimeo.


2 thoughts on “the skinny of it all…

  1. very cool, Tiff!! i want one of these…

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