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i heart global tastemakers

One of the things I love so much about the web these days, is how it gets you close to the trendsetters and the tastemakers, whether it’s the Selby, Oh Joy! or in the literal sense – Turntable Kitchen.

This time, sophisticated and down-home Americana outfitter J. Crew worked with taste-observers, Scott Schumann (The Sartorialist) and Garance Doré to profile some trendsetters around the world in their new Hello, World series.  From Hong Kong to Berlin, Madrid to Sydney, they’re touching down in a metropolis near you, and I thought I’d share some of my faves from the series! Enjoy!

I love Takahiro Kinoshita’s outfit. I can just see a certain London-based, WHO-lobbying, health policy advocacy and all-around super stylish friend of mine in it! (Maybe sans trench though)

Madrid…would love to shop you.

And of course…an ode to Hong Kong. I have amazingly stylish relatives over there. I feel under-dressed each time I’ve visited.


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could use another vacay…glamping!

Original photo by Shelter Co.

So I shouldn’t complain.  We spent a nice long weekend on the southern coast of Cambodia last weekend (a post on that soon!).  But on this Friday, after a hectic week of satisfying stakeholders and various emotions revolving around this often munitions-filled field of “health system strengthening,” I’m feeling a little in need of a respite.  Which is why we’ve got the weekend, right?

Original photo by Shelter Co.

And with the humidity and the heat swirling around Phnom Penh at the mo’, I also realised I miss those cooler temperatures and the fun and natural wonders of the life au naturel.  I would so love to spend the weekend hiking in a national park like the ones back home, a nice dense forest, with all of my best buddies who are currently located in the 4 corners of the world.  And perhaps even glamping too?  Yunno glamping right? That’s camping with a little flash! (Check out more glamping style here!) And probably a lot more money than regular camping.

Photo by Roots Canada.

Just imagine it – wouldn’t it be nice to go on a long hike to find a comfortable abode like the ones set up by the very cool Shelter Co.?  This Cali-based lodging service provides the flash of canvas tents and catering that turn camping into glamping.  I would just love to end a long hike in the woods to a trifecta of glammed-up tents (or even a yurt!), roaring fire and delicious food all ready for me and my besties under the stars and the dark dense forest.   I’d probably be decked out in a heck of a lot of Roots or an outfit like this…

Collection by Unknown, via A Well Traveled Woman.

Photo by unknown via CabinPorn.  Yurt in San Juan Mountains between Ouray and Silverton, CO.

Oh how nice it is to dream.  Even better under the stars…


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be an armchair traveller…

Photo by The Luxury Collection and Luca Guadagnino.

It’s Friday and not all of us are getting out of town.  But escape can be right at your fingertips, can’t it?

At once luscious, but also calm, cool and collected – I’m loving this short film, HERE, by Luca Guadagnino, director of the very sumptuous I Am Love. Though, full disclosure, it is an advertising tool for The Luxury Collection Hotels & Resorts.  But I do have to give it credit for hiring Waris Ahluwalia with Luca Guadagnino as the the creative forces behind this, Jason Schwartzmann doing the music and those great outfits worn by model Agyness Deyn.  It all makes for some great moving images – as excessive it might be.  Check it out!  It’s only 15 minutes!

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lazy sunday…hip(ster) vids!

Original Photos: Left by Jonathan Levitt, Right one by Ana Kraš.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for good food and beverages, soft lighting, minimalist fashion, cheeky humour and passionate people.  Some would call that condescending and pretentious, others would call it hipster.  I think it’s cool when people and artisans are just so committed to a craft and I reckon that Anthony Bourdain would appreciate it despite the contention that surrounds the term ‘hipster’.  So on this slow Sunday, I thought I’d share some cool videos from the hipster-sphere on great food and drink, and a hilarious and way-too-true-to-life video coming from expats in Hanoi, Vietnam.  I just love these snapshots of a sub-culture.  Happy slow Sunday!

American Hipster – My jaw dropped in delight when I first saw this post about American Hipster on Refinery 29.  This wholly original series from Seedwell Productions presents portraits of American (they should really include Canadians!) trendsetters.  This American Hipster film series will spotlight 10 American cities and profile trendsetters in the areas of art, food, style, music and the social scene with 5 short episodes per city.  And new episodes every Monday!  Check out this first video on mixology culture and the Bon Vivants in San Francisco!


Young Turks – Oh London! How I miss you! And knowing about the Young Turks just makes it even worse.  This collective of young chefs organises pop-up eating events in and around the city with a focus on locavore eating.  They even produced a big eating event at Frank’s Cafe & Campari Bar (I love this place in the summatime) and captured it all on video. So of course I had to watch and it just made my heart swoon.


Roost – Oh golly.  Foodporn!  This beautiful site from Coco in Birmingham, Alabama is just so incredibly sumptuous and delectable.  The photos are stunny and gorgeous and the recipes are incredibly healthy as they’re all gluten, grain, sugar, starch and lactose-free to accommodate those affected by Crohn’s Disease.  So I stumbled upon this video on the making of perfect Almond and Yogurt Waffles with Orange Honey Syrup, and it was so pleasing and lovely, I just had to post. Who doesn’t love beautiful weekend waffles?

Saturday Waffles from Coco|Roost on Vimeo.

Sh*t Expats in Hanoi Say – So on a grinding Friday morning, my friend Erin sent this over to me and I immediately lit up and couldn’t stop laughing.  While Hanoi isn’t necessarily Phnom Penh – I can definitely say, the experiences are pretty similar.  We’ve all said those same phrases.


Lola Versus – From the makers of 500 Days (of Summer) comes Lola Versus (US/Can June 8).  I just can’t wait for this movie.  Perfect hip(ster) girlie sorta-rom, but still-com with a great soundtrack (judging from the trailer) and the fun of Greta Gerwig.  Finally – a girlie movie I can’t wait to see!

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lazy sunday reads…cabin porn!

Photo (by) of the Dolores Cabin at Colorado’s Dunton Hot Springs!

Seriously – this isn’t an April Fool’s Day joke.  Cabin porn is real and it is here! I’ve been a bit too indulgent on the cabin porn lately and everything that comes with it.  I suspect that part of it can be attributed to being Canadian.  Or that D and I currently live in a home that can be likened to a Khmer-styled cabin.  Nonetheless – I am loving the cabin porn and so are hordes of others! I’ve always dreamed about owning my own cottage in northern Ontario, where I could run away to write in or spend amazing weekends with friends.  So I thought I’d share a few links!

What is cabin porn?  The Atlantic can you tell you all about it.

I would love to stay in a yurt for a weekend! So does Cup of Jo!

This hotel in Harads, Sweden is taking cabin porn to the max. Droool.

Cabins come in all different sizes too! I love this super tiny one!

I love that this beautiful cottage in Vancouver, BC is also a sustainable foodie haven!

My cabin uniform will always be these sweatpants, those socks and this pair of sandals (or Minnetonka moccasins!)

A group of friends (who run the cabinporn site) built this cabin to spend time together at! It would be my dream to have a common meeting place for all of my friends.  Sadly we’re split up across all of the continents now…so until they finally master teleportation….

Stuck in the city? Build a treehouse! It’s sort of like a cabin, right?

I posted this Selby video about the country getaway of artist maven/curator, Lucy Chadwick.  It’s just so perfect for a secluded getaway, eh? So I thought I’d totally re-post.

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Cambo’s coastline – the making of the next travel hotspot

Kep, Cambodia - seriously bliss.

It’s always interesting and awesome to see Cambodia written about in the mass media; like this fresh-off-the-presses article about Cambodia’s Sweet Spot by Ondine Cohane for the NYTimes.  But it is true, as she writes – with all the incredibly wonderful memories I have in Kep, Kampot and Koh Kong, here in Cambodia – part of me secretly hopes it never changes, that it never gets opened up to the masses, that it and remains a super sweet secret that only I and a select few know about.  But in the meantime, I can only hope that the development of these areas proceeds in a way that really brightens and truly develops the area.

To learn more (especially the food!) about Kep, Kampot and the areas in this article – check out this episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations when he returns to Cambodia!  It even features amazing, and long-suffering, opposition parliamentarian, Mu Sochua.