time for a reboot…

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Image by Laws of a Modern Man

Oooof! I can’t believe this year has gone by so quickly.  When I started this blog in the summer of 2011, it was a way to stay close with friends and to help catalog the trends and pretty things catching my eyes, ears and tastebuds.  I never thought it would get so many readers from so many different countries.  It’s amazing seeing friends from home, London and far flung locales like Benin and Indonesia come visit infinitiff.  Thank you oh so much for coming to visit!

And after a summer of not blogging, and spending far too much time thinking (read: freaking out) about the future, the life, the career, and occasionally taxes, I decided that this blog needed a reboot, stat.  So now it’s time for catch-up on all the summer posts I missed.  I promise for some awesomeness to come.

I’m also excited for new perspective on life (see above).  While I’m not necessarily ready to damn the man, I am ready to start relaxing about it all out and throwing out all those baby-boomer-era related expectations about what kind of assets I was supposed to have by the age of 28.  Instead, I’m excited for potentially new lands, new experiences and just a whole lotta fun.

28th Year: bring it on.

PS: I’m also highly appreciative of the profound understanding of my situation from FUCK! I’m In My Twenties and SRSLY.

PPS: For those of you on a slower bandwidth (read: me) – check out the SRSLY Youtube Channel.

PPPS: A related reboot mixtape up soon too.


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