oh my, oh my…and that’s a catchy tune


Now here’s a catchy song, and a pretty hot video.  I can’t believe this came out in 2011 and didn’t make a blip on my radar.  Thank you Jay-Z for the recommendation…as always, you know a good beat.

You might also notice that the video features quite a bit of facial hair.

And in other news, I’m bringing the blog back.  There’s a bit of a new look too.  I never went away – I just took a short break.  Pattern mixing, wanderlust, yumminess and some more delectable tunes to come.  I promise.

2 thoughts on “oh my, oh my…and that’s a catchy tune

  1. Good job Tiff! I can’t wait to put back your page in my blog routine. (And btw, congrats with the job!) How is everything?
    Un besito, Claire

  2. Claire!!!!!!! So good to hear from you!!! Thank you…and hopefully more work to come too! Life is good! But wet…it’s monsoon season. Promise to write you soon! xoxoxox t

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