yet again, aaron sorkin wins over my heart and brain…

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Photo by Annie Liebovitz for Vanity Fair.

One of the most attractive qualities of an Aaron Sorkin television drama, beyond its superfast script and quick-engaging storyline, is how it describes the dynamics of a team, how they are lead, working towards achieving a singular goal.  He creates these microcosms about singular workplaces that make you want to be part of the team. Whether or not it is the delivery of sports news, the Presidency of the United States of America, the production of a live televised sketch comedy show or, in this case, the newsroom of a cable news network, Sorkin has always left me, and perhaps much of his audience, that the good and the passionate win out.  Change that you can believe in, one can say?

And so, having just nearly finished one of the toughest consultancies in my ridiculously nascent career (like just literally out of the birth canal), I found myself eagerly awaiting the premiere of Aaron Sorkin’s new television drama, The Newsroom.  This new 1-hour HBO drama series focuses on the behind-the-scenes action of a cable newsroom, and the re-awakening of its star anchor, following his very public breakdown.  There is emotional baggage, intense political debate and philosophizing about the state of the American newsmedia. But more importantly, there is Sorkin’s trademark whip-smart dialogue; moving at the speed of a gazelle.  Watching the back-and-forth between journalistic and emotionally entrenched leads is just exhilarating.  The pace of a Sorkin television drama never slows down.  And there is a stellar cast, from old faves like Law & Order’s Sam Waterston, to young new things like Allison Pill and Dev Patel, with equally powerful Jeff Daniels and Emily Mortimer as the show’s leads.

For me, an Aaron Sorkin drama, like The Newsroom, always leaves me thinking about how beautiful and theatrical work can be, whatever it is; despite its daily misgivings, hair-pulling meetings and thoughts about sending in that letter of resignation.  And reflecting on the various mistakes made, hurdles jumped and clashes of spirits made over this past quarter – I can definitely say that each one of us probably works in an environment that Aaron Sorkin could one day write about, and turn it into an engaging piece of television.  This show had me at hello.  Check out the trailer for The Newsroom, below!


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