fine tuning summer…part 1

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Original Photo by unknown, of former skater and current sports stylist Cindy Whitehead, via Tomboy Style.

The summer solstice just passed us and I just had to celebrate it.  With music of course!  Starting today and over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be rolling out 3 different mixtapes that might come in handy when planning summer soirées, all with a different beat in mind!  This week’s mix is for the indie-minded set.  That’s right – Best Coast, tanlines, Fortune and a bunch of new hipster bands who are just bubbling to the surface right now.  Great rhythms for a morning, afternoon or cocktails and sunsets on the Thames or Mekong.  For me? I’d love to have these tunes passing through my ears while I longboard down a perfectly smooth seaside road. Or on the road, heading down to the coast today with some crazy cool chicks to celebrate a certain amazing lady’s birthday!

Stream here (or below) and download here, and have a fabulous weekend! (I’m heading to the sea!!!)


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