à la mode pp…mosquito nets & tetrapaks!

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With a girl’s only trip down to the Cambodian coastline looming ahead, I found myself in need of a toiletry bag.  Seriously – why hadn’t I thought of this before?  Well I have, but after years of using ones inherited from a collection called “stuff my mom got for free and decided to give to me,” I decided it was time I found one to call my own. Made with re-purposed fishing net! And it came in a recycled Tetrapak shopping bag!

Toiletry bags in every colour of the rainbow!

And where to get such a fabulous travel accessory in Phnom Penh?…Smateria of course!

Smateria is practically a Phnom Penh institution among stylish social enterprises.  Formed in 2006 by 2 stylish Italiano ladies, Elisa and Jennifer, Smateria sought to turn all that litter you see around on the streets of the Penh – into something you’d want to lay down bucks for.  Everything is made from recycled goods, from mozzie and fish nets to tetrapaks, garbage bags, old motorbike seats, and second hand textiles.  Not only that, Smateria employs vulnerable and formerly exploited Cambodian women, using both home-based production and ethical shops around town in accordance to International Labour Laws. I love a social enterprises that tackles multiple issues!

But getting to the styles…check out Smateria’s online catalog.  They have got such a great sturdy collection of purses, wallets, travel accessories, super adorable kids’ gear, and bags to protect everything from your iPhone to your Macbook in every single colour of the rainbow! They even do custom designs and I’m thinking of having them do a mozzie net version of this bag!

Are these not the cutest?

My fave is their sun-filled store on street 57 x street 278, near Wat Langka!

So definitely do check out one of Smateria’s 4 locations (in PP and Siem Reap) if you’re ever in the Kingdom! Or if not, one of their stockists in Europe.  I can guarantee you, people will be asking where you got that bag.

All photos in this post, unless otherwise noted, by infinitiff.  Please do not reproduce or use without permission).


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