tell time…with a little understated bling

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Photo by David Kim for Wendy’s Lookbook. Watch by Michael Kors.

Time goes by fast, eh?  I keep track of 3-4 different times zones most days and it’s just a little ridiculous.  I mostly use my mobile phone, but sometimes – it would be really nice to have a watch to help me out.

And I’ve been looking…I have definitely been looking.  And then these brilliant timepieces caught my eye.  I love how minimal they are – perfect and simple – especially because I’m not a diamond-adorned Rolex kinda girl.


Yup. Gold. I really have never been about the bling, but these just catch my eye.  They go with so many city-wise outfits!  And they’re oh so sophisticated – I can’t help feel like the grown-up that I’m supposed to be.  Perfect with a blazer! But at the same time, I can see myself pairing them with some loose-v-neck Ts, a denim mini and pair of flip-flops (or thongs for you Aussies).

So I thought I’d share some faves that I’ve spotted recently.  And if you aren’t so big on the bling, then why not these gold-flecked chronometers for your wrist? Happy time-telling!

Left, Top and Bottom


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