great things are just around the corner!

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I promise! I swear!

I’m 99% done this ridiculous project now (more about that later), and I’m oh so excited to be able to wholeheartedly start blogging again!  Like I mentioned before, this project swallowed me whole – mind, body, heart and soul.  But ever since I sent off that first draft this morning, among other things, I’ve felt as if that big huge white elephant decided to step off my back. And in the spirit of the lightness of being, I thought I’d share with you some of the amazing things to come!

  • Summer Music…3 ways
  • Paradise in Cambodia…2 ways
  • More Lunches in the Penh!
  • Tattoos!
  • More Summer Styles! Especially for the beach!
  • Visiting the Penh? Get the best of it!
  • Some more wanderlusting and perhaps even some wandering

Stay tuned! Like I said, great things are just around the corner and I just can’t wait!

Original Photo – Austria, 1959 by Hans Truöl via Charlie Hilton.


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