stately sarnies…(and more food on wood!)

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My friend Alissa (check out her fantastic Cambodia blog here) posted this on Facebook the other day and I just had to share it too!

Who doesn’t love sandwiches? Sammies? Sarnies? Or whatever you choose to call them!  It’s the perfect lunch that I’ve been having since the tender age of 6, and sometimes I’ll actually feel a bit homesick if I haven’t had a good one in a while.

Graphic designer Kelly Pratt loves sandwiches too!  So much so that she created a website completely devoted to Stately Sandwiches!  How ingenious! I love how simply delicious the photos are.  And moreover…she places the the sarnies on wooden platters too! Bestill my heart. And here are some of my faves!

All photos and designs by Kelly Pratt for Stately Sandwiches.

And speaking of sandwiches – there are some great ones in Phnom Penh!  I’ll have to do a lunch time series post on that soon!


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