got sunnies?

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(Original photo by Tom Ford via GirlScene)

With the clouds parted (both literally and figuratively) I found myself on the market for sunglasses, and thankfully, Phnom Penh offers pretty nifty knock-offs at remarkable prices.  $4-5 a pair, depending on your negotiating powers!  You can even find dudes conveniently hawking sunnies in all of the tourist districts here. With this in mind, I know I’ll probably live life as a cheapie when it comes to shades; especially having once left a $300 pair of sunnies at a resto in Toronto.

But prices aside – it’s all about the style right? The perfect pair of frames to suit your face and your personality.  Knowing me, I like an edgy, tomboy-ish, but ever-so slightly glam pair of sunnies.  Which is why I wound up with my typical pair of Rayban Red Wayfarers, classic Persols and these darling Tom Ford Whitneys (all certified copies of course).  So with a new outlook and sunnies on my mind, I thought I’d come up with some inspired collections of some of my fave looks, all harkening to vintage periods that I simply love.  Enjoy! xoxo, t

Go Glam! Original Photo of Audrey Hepburn by Angus McBean.

Hip, beat generation coolness. Original photo by unknown via B for Bonnie


Ice cold and badass circa the 1970s – for girls and guys! Original photo of Robert Redford by Ron Gallela

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