coming clean…


Hey hey friends, I’m sorry to have disappeared for about a month.  But I suppose that it’s now time to come clean.  Especially in this age of blogger authenticity, when fellow writers are also raising the blinders and revealing that what goes on behind the scenes is some pretty challenging stuff.

(Check out these great posts at Cup of Jo, Sho&Tell, DesignLoveFest, Happiness Is… and VMac&Cheese for some great posts revealing authenticity)

In the past month, I have contemplated the following: revisiting my cello and joining a hipster baroque orchestra, going blogger as a full time profession, applying for enrollment at the California College of the Arts and running off to Brooklyn to live out the rest of my 20s because apparently being adrift is part of being alive.  Seriously.  And this is why:

Life abroad and working in a developing country, may seem romantic, absolutely fulfilling, exhilarating on a minute-by-minute, day-by-day basis and really contributing to something good that you can brag about to your pals back at home…but different folks have different strokes.  Instead, it can be filled with daily misgivings about the workplace, existential reflections, frustrations with corruption, seeing reports of gender violence and exploitation on a daily basis, regular and frequent brushes with death and activities that really hurt your liver, your lungs and probably your head the next day.  In addition to that, health system strengthening is a pretty competitive industry that’s been made even worse by the current economic recession, so income insecurity becomes the name of the game.  It felt hard to stay afloat.

I know I might sound a bit melodramatic, but the past month really got to my mind, body, heart and soul.  And of course, the monsoon season lead to some major pathetic fallacy.  I lost a lot of the inspiration and creative energy that drove me to create this blog in the first place. Hence…the lack of posts.

But I’m happy to announce that infinitiff is back in the fold.  I learned a lot from the professional mistakes I made in this project that I’m currently finishing for work.  I learned about the personal mistakes I was making in my life.  I learned about both about my own limits and what I deserved and should demand for.  Realised that some changes needed to be made. Let go of all those limitations I set on myself that were ultimately holding me back. Essentially – I’m learning to look forward instead of getting mired in the gunk.

So with a very simultaneous anxiety and excitement, I’m happy to announce that the music, the styles, the deliciousness and hopefully a lot more globetrotting will now be rolling forward on a regular basis again!  And thanks for all you readers out there for your support too!  xoxoxo, t

(Photo by Feaverish Photography via Etsy)


3 thoughts on “coming clean…

  1. love love love this post. beautifully written…. and so perfectly said. best of wishes to you. i definitely support the brooklyn temptation.

  2. Well said. It’s not melodramatic at all. It’s Cambodia and despite the lovely offerings of this place, it can be a tough. It should be tough, actually.

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