could use another vacay…glamping!

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Original photo by Shelter Co.

So I shouldn’t complain.  We spent a nice long weekend on the southern coast of Cambodia last weekend (a post on that soon!).  But on this Friday, after a hectic week of satisfying stakeholders and various emotions revolving around this often munitions-filled field of “health system strengthening,” I’m feeling a little in need of a respite.  Which is why we’ve got the weekend, right?

Original photo by Shelter Co.

And with the humidity and the heat swirling around Phnom Penh at the mo’, I also realised I miss those cooler temperatures and the fun and natural wonders of the life au naturel.  I would so love to spend the weekend hiking in a national park like the ones back home, a nice dense forest, with all of my best buddies who are currently located in the 4 corners of the world.  And perhaps even glamping too?  Yunno glamping right? That’s camping with a little flash! (Check out more glamping style here!) And probably a lot more money than regular camping.

Photo by Roots Canada.

Just imagine it – wouldn’t it be nice to go on a long hike to find a comfortable abode like the ones set up by the very cool Shelter Co.?  This Cali-based lodging service provides the flash of canvas tents and catering that turn camping into glamping.  I would just love to end a long hike in the woods to a trifecta of glammed-up tents (or even a yurt!), roaring fire and delicious food all ready for me and my besties under the stars and the dark dense forest.   I’d probably be decked out in a heck of a lot of Roots or an outfit like this…

Collection by Unknown, via A Well Traveled Woman.

Photo by unknown via CabinPorn.  Yurt in San Juan Mountains between Ouray and Silverton, CO.

Oh how nice it is to dream.  Even better under the stars…



One thought on “could use another vacay…glamping!

  1. I heart gers and yurts.

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