a snood for the subtropics…

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Snood…what a funny name, eh?  (I think snoodle is even better)  These tubular scarves are often knit and are the best thing to keep warm during those frosty winters back home and in London.  They’re actually amazing – you can wear it like a hood, wrap it around you as many times as you can as a big scarf.  But what about a snood for more tropical climes?

I’ve been wanting to get creative in the scarf arena and decided to take the traditional knit snood and flip it upside down for Cambodia.  I found some great textiles at Psar Tuol Tom Puong (Russian Market), and had Srey Oun over at Shocking Pink Tailors sew it up for me.  I added a bit of black cotton to lengthen it so I could wrap it around me twice.

Et voila!

All you need is about 1m x 1.5-1.7m of fabric depending on the breadth and length you want.  I used 90cm x 160cm of fabric for a scarf that was long and wide enough to serve as a wrap around shawl, and wrap twice around my neck.  Sew it into a closed tube shape, and there you a have it!  A snood for the summer! Perfect for sopping up sweat, as a shawl to match tiny tank top, as a hood or veil if you need to cover up at religious sites (or against the rain), and wrapping around your neck during those cool seaside summer nights (don’t catch a cold!).  You could fancy it up by using a nice silk or satin instead.  Or keep it casual with a nice jersey or woven cotton. The possibilities are endless.  Enjoy!

All photos in this post, unless otherwise noted, by infinitiff.  Please do not reproduce or use without permission).


One thought on “a snood for the subtropics…

  1. such a great idea. i recently discovered the fun of getting things tailored here. next on my list – a snood!

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