let’s go pop!

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Photos via Norah Jones and Rufus Wainwright.

Firstly…apologies for the post-drought lately.  I do indeed promise a whole bunch of original content soon!  I have no excuses, but visitors and a rampant work schedule do take up a huge whack of time.  But for this one moment of clarity, I just had to share these 2 new albums by crooners Rufus Wainwright and Norah Jones.  I must be honest though – I was attracted to these two new LPs not because of their artists…but because of their producers – Mark Ronson and Danger Mouse.  I think that these two guys are what make current pop music really innovative and explosive.  And yunno what? Sometimes, it’s not just about the voice, but about the construction of a song, it’s melodies, it’s instrumentals, beats and rhythms, and the perfect balance of it all that makes a great pop album.  And it requires a visionary to get it all right.

Rufus Wainwright, prince of a Canadian music dynasty, amazing voice, volcano of creativity…I fell in love with his April Fools when I was in highschool.  Then he went a bit high-concept during the last decade with a full fledged opera and dedications to Judy Garland.  But now he’s back with Out of the Game!  Produced by Mark Ronson to boot!  And what an perfect album for me on this Tuesday morning that’s full of work (and slight panic).  This album brings Rufus back to his pop-y roots and his amazing ability to combine the forlorn and the hopeful that I first fell for.  Definitely check it out and one of my favourite songs below!

Rufus Wainwright – Bitter Tears

Norah Jones in cohoots with Danger Mouse

Norah Jones…queen of adult contemporary right?  And likewise, a princess of music royalty too.  But to be honest, I kinda wrote her off because of the former.  But when I heard that she was collaborating with Danger Mouse, my ears honestly popped.  Her new album, Little Broken Hearts, has all the right pieces that attract the adult contemporary FM-listeners, but also those tight-ass hipsters who always demand a little bit more.  I’m a fan.  Great peaceful chillout tunes to accompany a twilight.

Norah Jones – Happy Pills


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