curated: food on wood


My perfect lunch.  Antipasto Plate by As Ink Remains.

Not too sure if you’ve noticed, but I’m kinda a big fan of wood.  Cabins, hardwood floors, woodworking, walls, backgrounds, frames.  All that.  And food on a wooden board or surface? Even better!  I just think that a good slab of wood is the best surface to showcase not just ingredients, but dishes on.  For me, perfection would be a rooftop in London, lots of breads, cheeses and antipasti on wooden boards, and my best buddies. (because let’s face it….it’s a little too hot for cheese in Cambodia)

So while I’m a tad overwhelmed by the work-related, I thought I’d share some of these beautiful foodie shots that were waiting for eyes on the web.  Bon appetit! xoxoxo, t (and lots more original posts soon, I promise!)

Cheese please! Or what happens when you serve food on wooden boards.  Photos by Louisa Brimble and Stefanie Ingram for Kinfolk Magazine.

And it’s not just for cheese!  Photo by What Katie Ate (at The Grounds in Sydney)

Meat’s good too!  Roasted Flank Steak with Mushrooms and Thyme from Cooking Melangery.

Dessert’s not bad either!  Riesling Poached Pear Tart with Chai Spiced Custard & Almond Crust by Coco at Roost.

But antipasti is the best I think. Photo by Martha Stewart.

And picnics too!  Danish food love by Hilda Grahnat, Brittany Watson Jepsen and Elaina Keppler for Kinfolk Magazine.


5 thoughts on “curated: food on wood

  1. Oh all of these look wonderful – and so delicious…!

    Thanks for the mention 😉

  2. no problem noemie! glad you liked! i really love your site, btw! your tdot posts make me miss home!

  3. It’s never too hot for cheese!

    • Hi Jocy! Thanks for commenting! I just noticed that you’re in Cambodia too! How awesome to meet another PP-blogger! Great blog, btw!

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