deadline music.

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Ever get those deadlines that catch you by surprise? I mean, don’t get me wrong.  I have been working.  But I can’t help but keeping on looking for that something.  The piéce de resistance one could say.  The search goes so far that all of a sudden – I realise I’m overdue on a deadline.  So this week is all about the sprint to the finish.  Having to be satisfied with what I have.  No excuses.  Just do it.

So with that in mind.  I need some tunes to take me to the finish line.  I’m loving The Misshapes contribution to GrandLife Hotels’ Coachella Mixtapes.  And it’s where I found this fab Beyoncé remix.  Screw focus.  It’s all about the deadlines now. Back to work.

The Misshapes x GrandLife Coachella Road Trip Mix

Beyoncé – End of Time (Statue of David Remix)

The amazing photo is part of Need Supply Co.’s new Wes Anderson-inspired lookbook.


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