lunch in the penh 2…tom yummy!

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Within a month of returning to Phnom Penh this year, I was promptly introduced to this tiny little spec of a gem by my awesome and astounding friend, Jess.  And within one spoonful of this perfectly simple soup – I was in love.

Because of ridiculous proximity to their office, a couple of my girlfriends love this little family-owned resto at the corners of Street 111 and 242 for a cheap lunch.  And I definitely agree.  The Tom Yum Drei (Tom Yum Fish Soup) is so incredibly yummy and cheap here (7000R! or $1.75 including unlimited rice!) that I will definitely make the 10 minute hot and sweaty bike ride across town for some perfectly sour and limey fish soup.

Tom Yum Drei is essentially a Khmerized version of the Thai tom yum soup.  (“Tom” means soup and “Yum” means hot and sour)  This particular soup is filled with local herbs, straw mushrooms, tomatoes, carrots, shallots, lemongrass and fish!  (You can also order it with chicken or shrimp)  So it’s packed with a big flavour punch.  Just spoon over rice and you’ve got yourself and awesome, hearty and tasty meal!

Just spoon over rice!

So if you’re after a tasty lunch that will fill you up (rice tends to do that) at a remarkably low price, then this little unnamed resto at the corner of streets 111 and 242 is what you’re looking for.Or if you’re unfortunately not in PP and want to recreate this dish at home – check out this recipe of a creamy Thai version of tom yum over at She Simmers!  (and yes, that’s a picture of their kitchen, below – this resto is so tiny but always packed during lunch!)All photos in this post, unless otherwise noted, by infinitiff.  Please do not reproduce or use without permission).


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