it’s not pink…

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It’s really sunny in Phnom Penh these days.  Like really sunny.  I think I get even more tanned every day, or just from my bike ride during the lunch hours. All this sun also means I need to (wear more sunscrenn, and…) lighten up the wardrobe and get with the meteorology; especially since red is so incredibly rapturous and not suited for the heat these days, yunno?

And so, I got inspired by these posts from designlovefest, dreams+jeans, design seeds, wit+delight, and The Beauty Department.  This gave me the reason and the direction to give my wardrobe a summer boost; and resulted in getting up early this past Saturday morning and buying myself 2.5 meters (for $4!) of this beautiful coral linen (above) from wonderful Rithy over at Psar Tuol Tom Puong.  I’m excited to see the awesome re-imagined shirtdress that my favourite tailor, Monika, will produce. And in the meantime, I thought I’d throw my own two cents into the current coral craze!

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