lazy sunday…hip(ster) vids!

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Original Photos: Left by Jonathan Levitt, Right one by Ana Kraš.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for good food and beverages, soft lighting, minimalist fashion, cheeky humour and passionate people.  Some would call that condescending and pretentious, others would call it hipster.  I think it’s cool when people and artisans are just so committed to a craft and I reckon that Anthony Bourdain would appreciate it despite the contention that surrounds the term ‘hipster’.  So on this slow Sunday, I thought I’d share some cool videos from the hipster-sphere on great food and drink, and a hilarious and way-too-true-to-life video coming from expats in Hanoi, Vietnam.  I just love these snapshots of a sub-culture.  Happy slow Sunday!

American Hipster – My jaw dropped in delight when I first saw this post about American Hipster on Refinery 29.  This wholly original series from Seedwell Productions presents portraits of American (they should really include Canadians!) trendsetters.  This American Hipster film series will spotlight 10 American cities and profile trendsetters in the areas of art, food, style, music and the social scene with 5 short episodes per city.  And new episodes every Monday!  Check out this first video on mixology culture and the Bon Vivants in San Francisco!


Young Turks – Oh London! How I miss you! And knowing about the Young Turks just makes it even worse.  This collective of young chefs organises pop-up eating events in and around the city with a focus on locavore eating.  They even produced a big eating event at Frank’s Cafe & Campari Bar (I love this place in the summatime) and captured it all on video. So of course I had to watch and it just made my heart swoon.


Roost – Oh golly.  Foodporn!  This beautiful site from Coco in Birmingham, Alabama is just so incredibly sumptuous and delectable.  The photos are stunny and gorgeous and the recipes are incredibly healthy as they’re all gluten, grain, sugar, starch and lactose-free to accommodate those affected by Crohn’s Disease.  So I stumbled upon this video on the making of perfect Almond and Yogurt Waffles with Orange Honey Syrup, and it was so pleasing and lovely, I just had to post. Who doesn’t love beautiful weekend waffles?

Saturday Waffles from Coco|Roost on Vimeo.

Sh*t Expats in Hanoi Say – So on a grinding Friday morning, my friend Erin sent this over to me and I immediately lit up and couldn’t stop laughing.  While Hanoi isn’t necessarily Phnom Penh – I can definitely say, the experiences are pretty similar.  We’ve all said those same phrases.


Lola Versus – From the makers of 500 Days (of Summer) comes Lola Versus (US/Can June 8).  I just can’t wait for this movie.  Perfect hip(ster) girlie sorta-rom, but still-com with a great soundtrack (judging from the trailer) and the fun of Greta Gerwig.  Finally – a girlie movie I can’t wait to see!


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