weekdays wouldn’t mean work if…

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…I worked in an office like this!  Check out Apartment Therapy’s profile of this beautiful, totally post-industrial, light-filled office space that serves these LA-based freelancers who work in the design, photography and event production industry – like Bri Emery and The Flashdance!  If I had a workspace like this, and great freelancing friends to share it with, work would definitely not feel like the big political slog.  I know I work in the health and development industry, but who says that economic, institutional and political development had to be stuck in a stuffy and unfriendly room?

I’m still dreaming of that collective workspace for freelancers in Phnom Penh.  Something like this one, or Studiomates in Brooklyn, profiled by the NYTimes! Or even the amazing Centre for Social Innovation back home in Toronto.  An ergonomic design-oriented and integrated workspace where like-minded people and collaborate and get some change moving is totally possible.  Come on Phnom Penh – bring it!

Always necessary in any office!

All photos in this post by Bethany Nauert for Apartment Therapy.


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