t.g.i.F tunes!

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I’m so happy that it’s now Friday in all of the timezones you’re all in.  I’m in between meetings right now on this afternoon, a little burnt out, so I thought I’d share a couple of tunes to take you through to the end of the workday, whenever that may be (but hopefully sooner than later).

Happy weekend, whatever that may mean for you!  (Mine includes some work, but as little as possible, and lots of sun and perhaps even a lovely bike ride and finally diving into this book!)

I just love the hook in this new Kendrick Lamar tune.  Perfect for an urban landscape, rooftop cocktails and a gentle but burning sun that’s setting.

Kendrick Lamar – The Recipe (ft. Dr. Dre)

And on the otherside of the spectrum – this new beach-y tune by Sun Sisters is all about the pigment my hair should naturally be when I’m reincarnated!  Let’s just say – I have thing for blondes.

Sun Sisters – Blonde

Yes – I know the above photo isn’t so gender neutral…but I think it’s pretty nifty.  Photo by Amber Gray for Marie Claire China.


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