lunch in the penh…chinese noodles!


I had just arrived to Phnom Penh a couple of days before my 23rd birthday.  I had just begun making friends which resulted in some fantastic nights out, and so 23 more or less came with a massive hangover.  And so, my new friend, P, decided to take me for the most amazing birthday meal at what is considered to be an institution among eaters in Phnom Penh – Chinese Noodle.

Ever since, visits to Chinese Noodle are practically weekly for quick, cheap and yummy lunches.  They hand-pull the noodles and make the dumplings on site and often in the front of the restaurant – and this no doubt adds to the experience.  The surly lady of the house is gone and there are more smiles these days. But surly hostess or not, this simple family-run restaurant is always packed with expats, Khmers and nouveau and old Chinese alike during lunch. Dishes are never more than $2 or even $1.50.  Before ht recession, nothing was more than $1.  The constantly poured tea is free.  My regular orders are the fried noodles with egg (you can also have it with pork, beef or chicken), boiled dumplings and the green beans with mushrooms and heaps of garlic (or as I like to call them – green beans on crack).

So as an ode to this institution, I decided to bring my cammy-cam out for lunch yesterday and take some snaps in and around the resto.

Quite simply – green beans on crack.

And that is Chinese Noodle in a nutshell.  If you’re ever in Phnom Penh looking for some cheap eats, or it’s 12pm and you can’t think of anything to eat…look no further – it’s right in front of you.  Or rather, at #553 on Monivong Blvd. (which is sandwiched between streets 288 an 294).

For an excellent review and much better photographs of the food – check out Nyam Penh!

And here are some snappy snaps of some sites I took while on my bicycle to Chinese Noodle.  The amount of development going on in PP is crazy and it seems like the construction will never stop!

PS – Yup, Lunch in the Penh is a new series I’m starting!  Very excited to show you where office monkeys get their nutrients here!

All photos in this post, unless otherwise noted, by infinitiff.  Please do not reproduce or use without permission).


2 thoughts on “lunch in the penh…chinese noodles!

  1. Hey Tiff

    Love your blog.

    Hope your well

    Devon x

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