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This totally true to life illustration by Lizzy Stewart.

It’s Wednesday.  You know you want to click.  It’s time to take a wee break from that spreadsheet and gaze at some pretty pictures.  Besides – we do 80% of our work in 20% of the time, don’t ya know?

So of course, I decided to round up some lovely blogs and tumblrs for a wee bit of distraction for both you foodies and stylistas.

Yummy tom yum kung! Photo and recipe by Leela at She Simmers.

This one is absolutely fresh.  My friend Tara, who spends her time hop scotching between Bangkok and Burma, shared this recipe with me just in time for Thai Water Festiva; and then I starting clicking through the rest of Leela’s recipes of both classic Thai dishes like tom yum gung (above) and pad thai and awesome fusion-y goodies like durian yogurt cake and Thai tea fudge!  The photos aren’t too bad either, eh?  So if you’re looking to learn more about Thai cuisine and how to stock your pantries for it – check out She Simmers!

Maronenkuchen und der erste Schnee (Chestnut Cake and the First Snow! how cute!).  Photo by Kathrein Erle.

And from a completely different continent comes Photisserie: Adventures and Discoveries of a Photissiére.  Yes – the words are all in German, but it’s really all about these stunning photos taken by photographer and patissière Kathrein Erle in Munich.  The photos just remind me so much of classic Teutonic pastries, tarts and delectable items that are neither sausages nor potatoes.  And all done with the perfect German minimalism too!  Definitely check it out, and then head to Google translate to figure out the recipes.

And now for the stylistas.  Have you seen Revenge?  If so – have you noticed the British actress Ashley Madekwe and her fabulous outfits in every single episode and scene?  Well – I’m happy to report that she also has a style blog – Ring My Bell  I love it.  It’s totally London edge meets LA light and often a blending of the best of both worlds.  I especially enjoy her current forays into coloured denim (see above).

Photos curated by Modern Day Hemingway.  Left photo by Benedict Moyer, Right photo of Jon Hamm by C Magazine.

Et pour les hommes? I’ve gotta confess – I mostly prefer Shortlist over the Stylist when I’m in London and in general, I’m a big fan of men’s style.  So it is no surprise that I fell for The Pursuit Aesthetic and my new fave – Modern Day Hemingway.  I just love the photos that are curated in this tumblr.  The combination of food, the outdoors, stylish men, fashion and of course George Clooney…yes please!


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