the hear me roar mixtape…

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So I’m on this feminist phase right now.  When you’re working in development, I think there comes a point where any news headline about violence against women (fact: the number of cases of rape in Cambodia has increased from last year!) or remaining sexual politics and gender gaps gets to you and that inner Gloria Steinem pops up.  But then again – it’s not just in low-income countries – it’s right there in front of you (or south of the border) with the continued income gap and huge battles on reproductive rights going on right now (the list could go on and on).  It just makes me a new born post-feminist-era feminist! (I’m sure that’s a term out there).

So I decided to make a mixtape on the female experience from some of the best female artists out there.  I think most of the assigned gender roles are covered in there.  You know – caregiver, lover, breadwinner, CEO, purveyor of all things awesome, angry and resigned, angry and inflamed, seductress, smarter than boys, heartbreaker and homewrecker…the list goes on! What’s even funnier is that it ends pretty empowered (or with an energetic beat, one could say).  A toast to the times, I guess.  In the meantime, check it out if you’re feeling feminist-y or just looking for a good beat (there are lots here). Listen streaming (below or here) or download here! Enjoy!

Photo by the late Dennis Hopper via TomboyStyle


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