tdot love…take this waltz

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Photo by Mongrel Media for Take this Waltz.

This lovely film was at TIFF this past year and while it was on my must-see list, I knew tickets were going to be harder to get than The Descendants.

Pour quoi pas?  Well, it’s all about love and pride for the city.  Torontonians are known for their self-love (which the rest of Canada seems to hate), and it’s this pride that might actually trump George Clooney.

Sarah Polley totally knows how to show off that love and pride for our shared hometown of Toronto in her new film Take This Waltz (US June 29).  Yes – there’s Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman….but check out this trailer and it is truly an ode to my favourite city and the neighbourhoods I practically spent my formative years in.  Clafouti! The Annex! Book City! The Ex! Trinity Bellwoods! Hipster heaven. Sigh –  stuff like this makes me miss home! My heart will always lie in The Big Smoke.  Check out the trailer for Take This Waltz, below!


Oh and isn’t that song amazing?  It’s Parachutes by Jenn Grant!


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