O.M.G. – now that’s a stylish social business

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Photos by Dylan Maddux for Push Pull Cambodia

My man is so awesome.  I love that he knows exactly what new styles I’ll like and all those things that catch my attention.  Which is funny because our aesthetics for some things are such a contrast from each other (I have an affinity for louds and brights, yellows and reds…D is German…enough said).  Nonetheless, D’s got a fab eye and connections too!  His old colleague and friend is now a part of Push Pull Cambodia (check out their Facebook page here).  D introduced me to the collection last night.  And O dot M dot G dot – it was love at first sight.

Photo by Push Pull Cambodia

Push Pull Cambodia is the stylish brainchild of Seattle-based Daniel Flickinger, whose sectors of style had mostly been based in home decor and furnishings.  That changed with his visit to Takeo province in Cambodia, where he met the amazing artisans who weave the most beautiful ikat prints.  Ikat is a form of weaving and dying which originate from Indonesia and has spread, through the centuries, through all of Southeast Asia.  It’s one of my favourites in this region and I’m always dying to find more!

The Water Blossom Uptown Tote. Photo by Dylan Maddux

What makes Push Pull Cambodia a social business?  Well – they employ 46 artisans skilled in the Ikat craft at their weaving centre in Takeo Province.  This allows the artisans to earn a stable and improved income while also being able to continue developing and sustaining their craft. This is especially important as Cambodian Ikat patterns are passed down verbally from generation to generation.

Photo by Push Pull Cambodia

The designs are amazing.  Working with a collective of designers, Push Pull Cambodia produces amazing bags and home decor items.  And the prices are directly associated with the time, talent and skill that goes into making them.  Did you know it takes 2 to 3 employees between 7 and 14 days to prepare the patterns? Watch Push Pull’s awesome video of the entire process below!

Photo by Push Pull Cambodia

So it’s no surprise that Push Pull Cambodia has taken the design world by storm – featured in DesignSponge and a plethora of other design-oriented mags.  They’re also coming to a store near you!  Check out the Push Pull Cambodia website to find a stockist near you!

The Nightfall Travel Clutch. Photo by Dylan Maddux

And if you’re in Phnom Penh – you’re in luck!  Push Pull is launching their Nautical by Nature (how clever!) Spring 2012 collection at the Queen Boutique Hotel (#49, Street 214) tonight from 6pm!  It’s a special night with 20% off their collection and 50% off drinks!  More info here!  If I can just make it through today – I just might go!  Though at this point and deadlines – who really knows?

A Day at the Push Pull Weaving Center from Push Pull Cambodia on Vimeo.


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