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Image via The Daily Tribune

Ever get that feeling of being overwhelmed?  It happens to everyone.  So many things to do.  Too many voices trying to get a say on how things are done.  Satisfying all those stakeholders.  Or you’re heading into something that you feel you aren’t read for?  And of course – work work work.  It doesn’t mean you’re scatterbrained or defective.  It’s just that work, especially when you’re freelancing (on potentially multiple projects), can indeed get a little rocky.

So how does one freelancer deal with this?  Getting an independent audit from a licensed professional takes time (which you might not have) and money (also another precarious situation in a thrifty times).  Friends are awesome when they can lend an ear, but may not have any advice.  The most unlikely place to turn to might be your iPad or your smartphone.

It sounds crazy, but it’s a trend that’s happening.  Of course there are issues of legitimacy, utility and effectiveness.  And that all important promise to not do any harm.  But there is a lot of potential in these apps.  You can read more about here!

One that I’ve discovered recently is Unstuck.  I heard about it via this great post over at Wit&Delight, immediately downloaded it onto my iPad and I love that it’s there to help me out on those stuck days – offering great objective advice for a huge variety of situations.  Check it out (and the cool video below) if you’re ever feeling stuck! Ooh – and it’s free!

Unstuck from Unstuck on Vimeo.


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