the weekend….she is here!

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I have never been so excited about a weekend.  The opportunity to sleep in and just stay in bed doing absolutely nothing.  Well, not absolutely nothing.  I do have to do some work today.

But man oh man oh man – I knew this new consultancy gig would be busy – it really consumed me this week.  I couldn’t even find time to write here! With politics, diplomacy and all those interests involved.  But I am happy to be back at it.  Doing this kind of work truly excites me.

However –  today, or this morning at least, I’m happy to stay at home, enjoy my coffee and this lovely rare breeze while wearing something really comfy, read some really cool long essays, listen to some chilled out tunes, scroll through some rad tumblrs and just catching up on everything I’ve been wanting to write and share about.  And being really grateful that there is some very useful advice on freelancing from bri and katie over here.

Photo by Cynthia Henebry.


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