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It is no secret that I am blind.  No seriously.  Myopic to the max.  Squinting (and not just because I’m Asian) since the age of 7.  Everyone in my family wears glasses.  So does D and his signature German investment banker specs.  I just can’t get away from it!  Except on days and evenings out – when I swear by my contact lenses.  Glasses tend to get in the way – don’t ya think? But then again – I also think that specs on guys are kinda sexy. Especially the right pair.

And so, spectacles have always been part of my life.  And very recently – I realized I have never EVER bought a pair on my own.  Sure I’ve paid for them on my own.  But selecting a pair of frames independently? Nope.  How weird is that? I’m 27 and I’ve always had my mom kinda steering me to the right pair.  She does have great taste though.  But this also explains why I’ve been delaying the decision to get a pair on my own very recently.  I’ve tired of the current pair.  They’re about 2 years old.  They’re seriously scratched, probably a little wonky.  It can’t be good for my already poor eyes.  And I probably should have dove in and gotten a pair while I was in stylish Deutschland.  But no – of course, I kept delaying and now find myself having to navigate the slightly sketchy land of optics here in Phnom Penh.  Non-scratch, ultra-thin lenses (usually from Nikon) for the seriously myopic and the right pair of frames….wish me luck!

But in the meantime – I’m getting inspiration on the right type of frames.  I can’t wear little ones or else I won’t be able to get a full range of vision.  And should I splurge on black frames? Or will I look too sharp and intense?  There’s also my face shape…and what’s in at the moment, but cool enough to last a couple of years because the lenses for these babies will be $$$ (or £££!).  So many things to consider.  And the glasses you wear can help define you and your outfit.  Unfortunately for me – I can really only own 1 pair of current-prescription glasses at a time because they can be so expensive – so I need to be a careful shopper.

Thankfully I’ve found some inspiration and some tips!  I’m also loving this awesome blog dedicated to cool crazy specs.  And have you heard of Warby Parker?  Their frames are just amazeballs.  Just wish they could ship across the Pacific.  Oh well – we’ll just see what I come up with here!

Love these signature cat eyes that Keiko Lynn always has. Wonder if I could pull them off.

My top Warby Parker picks – the Beckett Striped Chestnut and Huxley Whiskey Tortoise.

Ugh – so many decisions! Photo by Garance Doré.

I very much like these.  Cute and serious – but too big for my face? Photo by London-based Carrie at WishWishWish.

And I really love this pair – Photo by Chris Heads.

Love the specs that Woody Allen’s ladies wear! Poster by Brandon Schaefer.

Like I said.  It’s so hard to make a decision with all the possibilities out there!

PS – If you ever ask to try on my glasses…you will see how myopic I am and realise that I do truly need them to see!


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