truly an amazing new album….

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I meant week’s posts to be all about the work life.  Then work took over life.  But fortunately – some amazing tunes saved the day.  So of course – I just had to make some time for this post.

Remember that little big movie, Garden State?  It was 2004 and I was in my second year of university at the time.  My friends and I were all pretty much in love with Zach Braff.  We saw Garden State on the day it opened.  But moreover – we discovered The Shins, with their ethereal indie rock sounds, that amazing voice of James Mercer.  It wasn’t emo (thank goodness – I hated emo back then).  It was perfect dreamy indie.  They became the soundtrack to those years back at UofT.  Even Mercer’s side projects like Broken Bells (with Danger Mouse) have been just as amazing.

Artwork by The Shins.

But that was in 2004.  Now what?  Well – it’s basically kinda amazing.  After complaining about a lull in quality tunes through most of March…I got hit in the head with Port of Morrow – The Shins’ new album that was just released yesterday (or today if you’re in North America).  Not only does Pitchfork love it.  I love it.  Rarely does an entire album get it so right.  Especially as a calming soundtrack to all of this freelancing/responsibility/politics and health stuff that I’ve got going on right now (more about that later).  In the meantime – check it out below and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

The Shins – Port of Morrow


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