beyond the powersuit…

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Some of my favourite women of cool, confidence and humour. Jackie Kennedy in her days as an editor (photo by Ted West), Gloria Steinem and her rise in feminism (photo by Sheperd Fairey for this awesome NYTimes article) and Mary Tyler Moore as the single sexy 70s working woman.

I am a massive fan of cool women.  I’m not just talking about Joan Jett or Debbie Harry who rocked the music world back in the 70s and 80s.  I’m talking about women who embody that confidence, that force to be reckoned with, that soft (or hard) ferocity with that energy and fun that still keeps them awesome in all areas of their life.  And they are everywhere, in the worlds of science & innovation, politics & business, art & design, adventure, our friends & family.  Most of all – I love getting inspired by how these women dress.  And it’s not just about the powersuit.  Now that I feel like I’m starting to develop a career for myself – trying to get both my work and myself to be noticed in this crowded environment of global health – I find that I’m noticing more about how I carry myself through it all.  And thankfully, I’ve also had some amazing friends, bosses and mentors through the years, including my amazing and design-oriented mom, who have shown me that it is indeed possible to juggle it all and still maintain that certain edge and spirit of forward movement and most of all – magic.  So whether you are an adventurer, a thought-leader, a poet, in the fields or in the upper echelons of society, there is totally that cool and confident look for you.

Remember when I mentioned Tomboy Style?  Check out this awesome video all about it!

Who is Caroline Issa?  Well, including being absolutely a gorgeous Garance Doré regular feature (and Canadian!), she’s also a former high stakes financial and management consultant turned London-based style, culture and fashion magazine tycoon-in-the-making at Tank Magazine and  I love her mix of corporate power and high fashion. (Middle photo by Jacopo Raule for Vogue, the others – unknown)

Janelle Monáe is super cool – she suits up and transcends that edgy sound in her awesome tuxedo here. And she puts on a wicked awesome show! (Photo via NME).

And as usual – I love these when boldness is spoken through colour. Check out the gorgeous power pops of red in these photos of carpet and textile designer Malene Barnett and urban farmer Annie Novak by The Selby.


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