aren’t you glad it’s Friday?

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Original artwork by August Bradley.

Seriously.  It has been a busy work week over here.  And I’m psyched that today, at least symbolically, is the end of the work week.  Along with all of this comes all sorts of happenings – so I thought I’d share some keytunes for any particular Friday mood you’re in.  Enjoy and bonne weekend! xoxox, t.

Want to party really hard? Fresh tunes from Diplo!
Diplo – Express Yourself (ft. Nicky Da B)

Wanna grab drinks down a dark lounge in Dalston/Queen St. W/Williamsburg?
Baron von Luxxury – That Disco Beat (ft. Little Boots)

Need to just…shake it out? (thanks Jo! this is perfect for me today)
Florence + the Machine – Shake it Out

Watch the sunset, sand between your toes and just chill out….
Magical Mistakes – Don’t Need Much

And this is rather embarrassing – but it’s super catchy and I’ve been kinda addicted to it even though it’s completely Bieber-esque, sung by a Canadian Idol and I would not have been caught dead listening to it at the age of 16. But hey…it’s hip to be ironic right?
Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe


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