gettin’ busy…gettin’ organised!

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Photo by Wunderlist.

Photo vis MacStories.

Oof!  My apologies for the postal drought lately.  The weeks in Phnom Penh can be so funny.  One week I’ll be complaining of nothing to do.  Another week (particularly this one) is so packed that I don’t even know where to start.  But thankfully…this post from designlovefest helped me out and recommended Wunderlist!

Wunderlist is so incredibly perfect for me.  Sometimes, I have my feet dipped in so many waters that it’s hard to organise and prioritise all of the tasks to be accomplished.  This consultancy (which will be swallowing me who over the next 2 months), that project I’m helping out my friend with, this blog, life, love and the pursuit of everything…Wunderlist lets me organise all of this by category, allows me to include descriptions and deadlines, produces a calendar for me….and even emails me every morning to tell me what needs to be done!  Isn’t that amazing?  I used to write all of my To-Dos in a notebook…but my notebook just wasn’t telling me “Hey! You forgot to do that!”

This awesome tool is available for free(!) on all the main operating systems like Mac and Windows for tablets, Android phones, and laptops!  The best thing is that you can sync it between devices too!  Hope you find it as useful as I have! xoxo, t


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