lazy sunday reads…a foodie edition

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For me - Sunday is all about slow coffee, our lovely terrace cum living room, palm trees, a soft breeze and a good read. And yes - this is actually our terrace/living room!

For a lot of people – Sundays are for feasting!  If I had actually been able to go to London for our graduation ceremony this weekend, I know today would involve a Sunday roast of some sort.  So instead, I thought I’d share some great foodie-related Sunday reads (and a couple of beautiful vids!), since this day, of all days of the week, should be about slow-cooking, slow-feasting and spending time with some great peeps.

Breakfast in Jamaica….now that would be blissful, yummy and heart and stomach warming too!

Venturing down to Austin, Texas for SXSW? I wish I was…read all about the good eats in this artsy, tuneful and tasty oasis!

This NYTimes article was published a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been searching for an excuse to post it.  Read all about the importance of food and home for this foreign correspondent in Afghanistan.

The Phnom Penh food industry’s been all abuzz with revelations of illegal and dangerous preservatives and dyes being put into locally produced food products and dishes at restaurants.  But what’s going on back home in the West and how can other legal types of food additives harm our health?

And now for some amazing videos! Check out the US Tex-Mex chain, Chipotle take on sustainable and environmental agriculture in this amazing stop-motion video (with Willie Nelson covering Coldplay to boot).


And then another really cool stop-motion video capturing the transformation of mundane objects into…fresh guacamole! (see here for his equally mesmerizing viral video, Western Spaghetti)


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