the collegiate life still beckons…

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Photo by Sony Classics

Perhaps it’s coming to grips with adulthood which has me fondly reminiscing about the collegiate life.  Or it could just be that really great books and films are being made about what’s supposedly the best years of our lives.  Either way – I’m really looking forward to the release of Damsels in Distress (April 6 USA/Aprll 27 UK).  Set on yet another east coast university campus, Damsels in Distress explores the trials and tribulations affecting our young protagonists, the first female students to be accepted onto the all-male campus since forever.  Sounds conventional, but it’s the cast and director who I think will make it especially filled with whimsy and ironic delight.  Directed by Whit Stillman, the visionary of The Last Days of Disco, and starring ingénues Greta Gerwig and Analeigh Tipton among others, I really think this will be great light fare for the spring!  Check out the trailer!


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