sicky thump….

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Photo by Laura Makabresku

So it seems that I’ve fallen ill again in Phnom Penh – a situation which I absolutely abhor.  It always hits me like a truck too.  Swollen throat, muscle pain, head going to explode, fever to boot – oh the wonderful symptoms of an acute upper respiratory tract infection.  And everything I learned in school about health insurance hits me again.  Moral hazard, deductibles, co-payments – do I really need to see a doctor and what the heck did I pay that premium for?  So of course – I went local…and self-medicated.  All of these thoughts culminate in me missing my Canadian universal health care system, and thoughts about how lucky we are in countries like in Scandinavia, the UK and Canada to have quality universal health care systems which not only re-distribute health, but also wealth…to a certain extent at least.  The Strategic Framework for Health Financing in Cambodia actually has a goal of universal health care system.  I don’t mean to be a downer – but given the current health governance, funding and capacity situation, that won’t be happening for a generation or two.

Oh and did I mention that Electricité du Cambodge decided to promptly cut the power off at roughly 745am this morning? And I’ll be missing a very cool party tonight at the historic and just refurbished Phnom Penh Railway Station! I hate being sick.

But enough of the pity party.  I am equipped to survive this out!  I’m hooked on this new series called The River.  Have you seen it?  It’s amazing!  I’ve got a bunch of zombie thrillers and the Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue to read on my iPad (more about those zombie reads later)!  And a lovely textbook on Medical Statistics to while away the day.

And I found this little super inspirational video about the craft of Scott Schumann – the man behind the camera and The Sartorialist.  I just love hearing artists talk about their work!  And hopefully this inspiration will have some positive physiological feedback effects – I just want to get better!


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