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Photos by and of street style photo-gods, Scott Schumann/The Sartorialist (left) and Patrick Demarchelier (right) of Bill Cunningham

In the spirit of the fashion weeks that have descended upon New York and London, I thought I’d put a bit of a personal spin on things….why not have your own fashion week, every week?

It wouldn’t be about the glitz and the glamour, the pomp and the circumstance; but rather the spirit of personal style and strutting your stuff in your own walkable city.

And why not have a great soundtrack to go with it?  My (literally) favourite DJ collective, The Misshapes, have taken their spins out of the club and onto the runway and posted some of their runway mixes on the web!  When I was living in London, I would listen to their mixes while walking the streets or through the infinite tunnels of the Underground and it would literally put a new amazing beat to my daily commute.  I loved it!  It’s a shame that Phnom Penh isn’t necessarily a walkable city.  It’s not exactly routine to strap your iPod on and go on an absent minded walk in the dark here.

In the meantime, I can at least work to the beats of The Misshapes.  They’ve utilized the harmony and melody of string sections for some shows and some awesome hip hop beats for others to create some amazing mixes that you can personally catwalk to!  Check out some of their mixes on their soundcloud page and below!  And enjoy your personal runway! xoxox, t

The Misshapes – Viktor & Rolf Men’s Autumn/Winter Collection, 2011

The Misshapes – Zac Posen 2011, Z Spoke


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