lazy sunday love…some time sucking tumbles

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I love getting lost on a Sunday.  We actually just did that today.  D and I woke up this morning and decided to get lost out and about the Penh.  But more about that later.

I also love getting lost on the web.  Like all consumed by some great website or article.  Some people call that flow – I call it having all my time sucked away.  And some of my favourite places to get lost are on tumblrs.  You know – that massive web platform phenomenon that has managed to eat away the productivity of many.  You can read more about the trend here.  Tumblr owners tend to be just as addicted to their craft and might even be someone in their industry – posting just about anything they produce on their own or find on the web that is consumes them.  They make some of the best trend setters that way.  So in the name of lazy Sundays and getting lost… here are some of my favourite tumblrs!

Photo by unknown via A well traveled woman

A Well Traveled Woman – globe trotting hipster stylist and lifestyle trender.  A very cool website to get inspired from.

Broome Street. Photo by Downtown From Behind

Downtown from Behind – A photographic series that captures subjects biking through downtown NYC from behind…and a story that comes with each photo too.  A very cool snapshot of life….kinda wish someone could do that here in the Penh.

god bless the popped collar. Photo via The Pursuit Aesthetic

The Pursuit Aesthetic – More of a men’s style blog coming from the keen eye of Brennan Woods; who finds himself trending on all things the aesthete would.

Love love love baked eggs. Photo by designlovefest via squaremeal

Square Meal – There once was FoodPornDaily….now there’s Square Meal.  I’m a huge fan of their tumblr that is all about food and the love of all things culinary!

Alexa's got style. Photo via sorakeem

SoraKeem – Love this chick’s style!  Isn’t it just convenient when someone, who shares the same style you love, captures it all for you?  All the effort you need to give is just a goods scroll!

Photo by Leroy Grannis via Tomboy Style

Tomboy Style – Not a tumblr technically – but I have to mention it.  Lizzie Garrett’s style blog is all about living with confidence, rebelliousness and adventure.  The photos she curates captures just that.  And as a self-described tomboy – it’s the perfect place to stomp around.


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