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Infamous Jackie Kennedy paparrazzo, John Gallella - via The American Project

I’m a fan of snapshots of a way life may be lived – real or fictional.  Films like cold weather or those by Sofia Coppola and Wes Anderson.  Glimpses into how an individual goes about things.  Low key and understated.  Often such films illuminate the creative class, but I think it would be incredibly cool to spotlight a different niche communities in the same kind of creative light.  Nudge nudge, hint hint.

Anyhoo – here a couple of cool ones that sprung up on the web the past month. Enjoy!


The Selby usually captures all of this on jpg, but this time he’s taken it to youtube.  With clothing line, Zara, he captures the life of artist and gallery owner, Lucy Chadwick.  It’s sumptuous without being sumptuous.  I just want to dive in and join her on a rainy day at her barn-cottage A-framed sanctuary.

And then on the fictional side, there’s Sofia Coppola’s new commercial for H&M’s Marni Collection. Also sumptuous – but this time actually sumptuous and set in Marrakesh.  I have admired Coppola’s work since I was a teenager, and I love the feeling of the 80s-style opulence and lost youth that she captures here…and the Marni patterns too of course.


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