lazy sunday reads!…my fave webmags

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This is coming to be a regular feature, huh?  Me, sitting at Brown Coffee & Bakery – still battling with this cost-effectiveness analysis, wishing I could chillax on this Sunday with some nice long reads back home.

Like perusing through my favourite living/loving webmags!  Social media is really indeed revolutionizing the way we read.  There’s this great new web-platform called Issuu.  It’s essentially just another way to read magazines – especially very cool independent mags that go across all subjects and matters.  You can even upload your own publications on it to share!  So that may be another creative project for me in the future!  My favourite lifestyle webmags are also hosted on Issuu – you know – the kind of thing that’s perfect to peruse on a lazy Sunday.  Another cool thing is that Issuu will be getting their on iPad app soon too!

So instead of paying $18 for an issue of Kinfolk, you can actually take a look at their premiere issue here!  Ditto for Anthology.  They regularly post awesome previews of their mag here!

And the full and free awesome web-mags that are out there?  Well, there’s Rue, which I always love.  And I recently discovered Est Magazine – which is so very cool because it showcases global living with an Aussie spin!  You can read Est Magazine on Issuu here, and Rue Magazine here!

Happy reading! xoxo


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