all about…the wrap dress!

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1) DVF Metro Wrap, 2) Vintage von Furtstenburg 3) LK Bennett via Refinery 29

I know that quote’s a bit dated…but imagine a dress, in which you can look amazing for night and day, and all you need to do is tie (or untie) a knot? No awkward buttons or zippers, or stepping into it, or pulling it over your head.  This one is like a gentle robe which wraps up all around you at all the right points…hence…the wrap dress!  I can’t believe I never have had one made in Cambodia.  It’s even easier to wear than a shirtdress! Ha!

1) Uffizi Wrap Dress by Anthropologie 2) ASOS REVIVE Sequin Wrap Front Mini Dress

It’s been around for ages.  For ages, women have been wrapping themselves in fabric and tying a knot to hold it all together for one reason or another.  But it wasn’t until 1972 that iconic designer Diane von Furstenburg really gave birth to the dress as a fashion item with her flattering designs and use of jersey to hug all the write spots.  This was apparently revolutionary – so much so that the Metropolitan Museum of Art acknowledges it!

Some have complained about the wrap dress – about its ability to go all “Marilyn Monroe” in the breeze, or how it doesn’t hug in all the right places.  But there in lies the importance of design and a good fit.  And it can be whatever your heart desires – deep-V-va-va-voom power/party dress? Or just a wrap for the beach?

I’d love to soften up this DVF Kiamo dress with nice cotton…and pair it up with a bouncy yellow pattern, like one you would find from…this pillow?

So I seriously can’t wait to venture into the markets – find the right pattern and fabric and march over to my favourite tailor to get a one made!  Especially because my wardrobe remains remarkably sparse and I think I’ve worn to death every dress I’ve brought with me here already.


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