lazy sunday reads…and a watch

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Paul Newman reads!

So I’m actually spending my Sunday working (oh the life of a consultant), but for those of you lucky enough to be chillaxing on a couch after some good eats – here are some amazing online reads to lay around with!

Nyam Penh finally reviews the Phnom Penh institution….Chinese Noodles!

For my peeps in the anti-corruption biz – Can America Lead the World’s Fight Against Corruption?

Some cool reads for socially conscious fashion!  GOOD covers what exactly Ethical Style is? And Jessica Marati (of Tout le Monde) has a new Behind the Label series (check out her exposé on H&M!).

Australia is thinking of fighting its crazy wildfires…with elephants?

And not exactly a read – but Vice Magazine’s Fashion Week Internationale went to Nigeria! Covering what it’s like to be gay in a homophobic society, Nigeria’s next Supermodel and the growing Lagos fashion scene, Charlet Duboc takes us on another very cool journey! Watch it here!


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