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Toronto love. Original photo by n+s

First of all – I gotta give some bloglovin’ to my friend Steph for her Facebook shout out!  I also have to give her props for giving me the idea for this blog.  Steph – you probably don’t know this but you basically encouraged infinitff in those amazing ways of yours. And liebe groβe to everyone who visits too!

And now onto the post.  I totally love cities.  I thrive in them.  They are like my heart and soul.  Alain de Botton has a great quote about cities too that I love – “Cities are, as it were, enormous libraries filled not with books but with people.” I could not agree more.

I also love odes to cities, so movies like Paris, I Love You, New York, I Love You and anything by Woody Allen are always a must-see.  So in the blogosphere, I’m loving London vs. Paris and Paris vs. New York.  No joke – 2 very separate blogs, but very so similarly awesome in their content!

London vs. Paris

Photos by Xanthe Berkeley and Irene Nam.

When a London-friend contemplated a move to lovely Paris – I had to send this to her!  Isn’t it cool? London vs. Paris is collaboration between bloggers Irene Nam (an American in Paris, hehe) and Xanthe Berkeley (based in London) who are both professional photographers and regularly juxtapose their snapshots of their family lives in these two dreamy cities.

Paris vs. New York City

Artwork by Vahram Muratyam at Paris vs. New York City.

And then there’s Vahram Muratyam’s amazing designs on Paris vs. New York City.  His juxtapositions are so full of whimsy and fun; I’d love to have one hanging in our home one day.  He’s even just a released a book of his designs! Paris vs. New York: A Tally of Two Cities!

I also wanted to end with another of my homes – Phnom Penh.  Don’t ya just love cities? Mwah!


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